Even though Barcelona are back to getting the results they want, this certainly  wasn’t the case just a few weeks ago.  Barcelona have been rather inconsistent this season, with a 4-3 loss at Celta Vigo earlier in the season, a draw against Malaga at home and a 3-1 loss to Man City in the Champions League.  Still, the one game that caused the most commotion over this “new style Barcelona” was the Catalans 1-1 draw at the Anoeta against Real Sociedad. Barcelona were rather fortunate to escape with a draw as the result could have been worse as Real Sociedad were much better and were  robbed of a goal, when Juanmi was incorrectly ruled offside after slotting the ball in the back of the net. It was one of Barcelona’s worst performances in which they failed to threaten the opposition and spent the majority of the game defending.  Luckily, after Neymar’s brilliant run and pass, Messi was able to grab a goal slotting the ball past Rulli, canceling out Willian Jose’s opener.

Barcelona poor run of form against Real Sociedad and struggle to score against some other top teams in La Liga is a cause for concern

However, Barcelona seemed to be back stronger in their next league game, in what is one of the biggest football rivalries in the world, against Real Madrid.  Barcelona played much better and started to regain form although arguably they still weren’t playing at their best.  However, after a goal by Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquest’s brilliant performance during the game, and Andres Iniesta coming on off the bench and performing very well for the twenty minutes he was on, Baarcelona seemed to have grabbed an important victory until Sergio Ramos’ header in the 90th minute tied the game up and stole a victory from Barcelona.  Nevertheless, the Catalans seemed to be regaining form and grabbed 4 consecutive victories until the game against Villareal in which Barcelona struggled to score until a brilliant 90th minute Lionel Messi free-kick grabbed a point for the visitors, but still Luis Enrique and Barcelona were criticized for their poor performance