FIFA technical director Marco van Basten’s recent proposals for rule changes have been ridiculed by many with managers weighing in on the subject. The former A.C. Milan striker’s propositions include the following:

  • getting rid of the offside rule
  • replacing penalty shoot-outs with eight-second run-ups
  • introducing a third orange card that would send players to sin-bins for 10 minutes
  • players should be involved in fewer matches each season
  • games should go straight to penalties without extra-time
  • children’s games to be limited to eight-a-side
  • stopping the clock every time the ball goes out in the last 10 minutes
  • only allowing captains to speak to referees.
  • splitting the game into four quarters of 22 minutes and 30 seconds

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Former Dutch striker Marco van Basten’s proposals for new rules have been ridiculed in the football community

Wenger has stated: “Changing in itself is not a good quality, improving is the real target. Some of the proposals are worth discussing, some I don’t see any big interest. The one I don’t find interesting is to suppress offside. Offside is what makes the team good together. It is an intelligent rule as well, it is important to keep that in the game.” The one change the Arsenal boss agreed with was only allowing captains to speak to referees to which he said, “It is a very good proposal, we all dream of that, but it never happens in our sport.”

Slaven Bilic weighed in as well saying, “For me the major one is offside, I can’t imagine what football would look like, but my first reaction is it’s impossible. Everybody would love to have a rest by the goalkeeper on the post and just tap in the ball. I really don’t know, maybe to try it and see it on a pitch or organize a game.”

Fans also vocalized their discontent with the propositions on social media:

All in all, it is unlikely that these rules will ever take effect due to the fact that Basten is yet to officially propose these rule changes to International Football Association Board and he has stated that he was just testing the waters on his ideas.

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